City Plaza is a luxury condominium development in Sugarland, Texas, on the outskirts of Houston. The surrounding neighborhood is a
unique blend of designer stores, gourmet restaurants, art galleries and trendy cafes—an eclectic, diverse and vibrant downtown center. City Plaza units had initially sold with moderate success; however, leads waned after a few months. Ideawörks was hired to revitalize the brand and generate sales leads for the remaining units. We determined that the sales materials were not attracting the right target audience. In addition, the Web site was nearly impossible to find online and had no lead-generating or tracking features.

So Ideawörks created a research-based plan and new sales materials to effectively appeal to the right audience, while creating a sense of urgency. We re-designed the website with search-engine rich features and lead-generating and tracking functions. In conjunction with the sales and development teams, we developed new tactics to reach real estate agents and brokers with e-blasts and events aimed at driving the right traffic to the doors. Signage, stationery, floor plans, etc., were all re-designed. Finally, we helped build a database of interested buyers and leads tracking so that the results of each ad, tactic and event could be easily measured.


Within seven months, all of City Plaza’s remaining condominiums were sold to new buyers, and we converted the sales website into an HOA site for the new homeowners.


  • Branding and Collateral
  • Signage
  • Public Relations
  • Sales Event Production
  • Email Marketing
  • Website with CMS Back-End
  • Floor Plans
  • Digital and Print Advertising


Wow!! City Plaza is almost sold out! We had 40 units on September 1, which is when the Ideawörks marketing hit the ground. That totals about $7.8 million in sales. WE ARE HAPPY!

—Linda Geiss, Director of Operations, Equity Resources LLC

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